Guidance Documents

Official concrete maturity and temperature monitoring reports, specifications, and guidelines.


ASTM C31: Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field1ASTM C1074: Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method
ASTM C39: Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete SpecimensASTM C918: Standard Test Method for Measuring Early-Age Compressive Strength and Projecting Later-Age Strength
ACI 306R: Cold Weather ConcretingACI 228.1R (Section 2.7): In-Place Methods to Estimate Concrete Strength
ACI 306.1: Standard Specification for Cold Weather ConcretingACI 306R: Cold Weather Concreting
ACI 207.2R: Effect of Restraint, Volume Change, and Reinforcement on Cracking of Mass ConcreteACI 318: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete
ACI 207.4R: Cooling and Insulating Systems for Mass ConcreteR6.2

SHRP Guidelines (SHRP-C-376)

Structure Component Size of Concrete Placement Number of Thermocouples
Slabs, Beams, and Abutment Walls 76 m³ (100 yd³) 5
Columns 1.5 – 7.6 m3 (2-10 yd³) 1 Per Column, 2 Per Column


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