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Concrete Temperature and Maturity Meters

COMMAND Center has saved clients millions of dollars and countless hours of construction time by tracking the maturity and internal temperature of fresh in-place concrete. Construction teams use COMMAND Center to expedite project schedulesreduce budgets, and satisfy project requirements for temperature or maturity monitoring.

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Save time and money, improve quality, meet specifications

  • Compress the schedule, reducing contractor hours and costs
  • Reduce the amount of cylinders or beams used in testing
  • Open your projects for public use faster
  • Stress post-tensioning tendons sooner
  • Strip and cycle forms faster
  • Meet temperature specs for mass concrete placements
  • Monitor cold or hot weather effects on strength gain
  • Monitor in-place strength at critical locations
  • Load structures as soon as required strength is reached
  • Improve QC/QA

Introduction to COMMAND Center

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COMMAND Center Concrete Temperature and Maturity Meters

Three Case Studies in 45 Seconds

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Monitoring Concrete Expedites Schedules and Reduces Budgets

As a construction team, we were proud of this schedule, and our subcontractors responded very positively to the consistency the maturity sensors helped create. COMMAND Center was an invaluable tool and will be utilized in the future to ensure repeat successes.

—John Boehm, Senior Project Engineer for The Beck Group

Verify on-site concrete strength and temperature

The COMMAND Center system includes state-of-the-art temperature sensors, a handheld device that allows you to read and analyze sensor data onsite, and comprehensive software. Each small, self-powered sensor arrives ready to track temperature, maturity, and strength right out of the box. Place concrete over the sensors, then use the COMMAND Center handheld device to view the sensors’ full temperature history and estimate strength at the job site.

Once your concrete reaches its required strength, you’ll know! Instead of waiting for standard lab test intervals, COMMAND Center real time monitoring lets you quickly move on to the next stage of construction.

COMMAND Center concrete temperature and maturity meters start at just $35.

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Why do our clients prefer COMMAND Center?


  • One sensor does it all. A single sensor measures both concrete temperature and concrete maturity.
  • The COMMAND Center system is perfect for all concrete applications, from patching and repairs to full-scale applications like paving, foundation and structural pours.


  • COMMAND Center is user friendly.
  • Read and analyze maturity data right in the field.
  • Self-powered sensors arrive ready to collect entire days worth of data at your custom time interval.
  • Just place and pour. When you need your data, it’s available!

If you can use a phone, you can use COMMAND Center.

—Michael Jackson, Assistant Project Manager for Rogers-O’Brien

COMMAND Center is brought to you by an award-winning engineering firm, The Transtec Group.

We developed the COMMAND Center system for our own use—now we’re putting it to work for you.

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Customer Success Stories

Learn how COMMAND Center has saved clients time and money, improved project quality, and boosted efficiency.
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