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Concrete Temperature and Maturity Meters

COMMAND Center has saved clients millions of dollars and countless hours of construction time by tracking the maturity and internal temperature of fresh in-place concrete. Construction teams use COMMAND Center to expedite project schedules, reduce budgets, and satisfy project requirements for temperature or maturity monitoring.

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Introduction to COMMAND Center

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COMMAND Center Concrete Temperature and Maturity Meters

Three Case Studies in 45 Seconds

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Monitoring Concrete Expedites Schedules and Reduces Budgets

Affordable Smart Sensors

COMMAND Center Sensors

  • Small, self-powered sensors continuously collect and store data for two years, under warranty.
  • One sensor used for both temperature and maturity.
  • Sensors do not require initialization in the field.
  • View and analyze multiple sensors at once.
  • Customize sensor lengths and time interval settings.


Free Powerful SoftwareCOMMAND Center Software

  • Use multiple equations to easily and automatically create maturity curves.
  • Choose between Nurse-Saul and Arrhenius maturity functions.
  • Share data immediately from the field.
  • Create professional PDF reports.


Monitor temperature gain and control curing

Monitor temperature

    • Meet temperature specifications for mass concrete placements.
    • Monitor internal concrete temperatures for cold and hot weather placements.
    • View and analyze temperature differentials between sensors.
    • Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
    • View and analyze peak temperature data for individual sensors or multiple sensors at once.


Measure maturity to evaluate concrete strength

Evaluate strength

  • Monitor in-place concrete strength in real time.
  • Compress the schedule, reducing contractor hours and costs.
  • Improve quality control and mix designs.
  • Meet ASTM and AASHTO standards.
  • Select SI, US, or a mix of units.
  • View data in the field to know if you’ve meet strength requirements.


Why do our clients prefer COMMAND Center?

Customer Success Stories

Learn how COMMAND Center has saved clients time and money, improved project quality, and boosted efficiency.
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